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Another Warm Winter

Monday, March 9, 2015 9:26 PM

oregon landscapes

I had many plans for this winter, most of which fizzled, and now I look around and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.  While the east and west coast of the United States feel the effects of global climate change very differently, I can’t help but wonder if next winter will be even warmer, or if our city will be shut down by a blizzard it’s not prepared for.  Either way I feel that I am prepared to capture it in all of its glory more than ever, as I was able to take the time to research many locations for whatever is in store for me.

Lost Lake

I knew that it was a very warm February, but when I drove up to Mirror Lake this month I didn’t expect to see a completely iceless lake.  I was actually hoping for a little ice, but from the looks of it, the ice was long gone.  I watched a nice sunset, while several people came and left until the stars came out.  I was hoping for a Milky Way shot, but clouds quickly filled the empty sky, so I took a few shots before heading home.

Lost Lake at Night

The Oregon Coast is a priority for me right now since we have very little snow.  It’s so vast and there are so many uniquely different locations to explore.  Below is Seal Rock.  I can’t tell you how many waves I was hit by here, but I think it was a lot like being the coach who won the super bowl; you know you’re going to get soaked, yet you’re still surprised when that cold water dumps on you.  One lady told me not to fall in, so I took her advice.  I hope they enjoyed the light show, as much as they did my “shower”.

Seal Rock State Park

And then there’s this little Gem that Dan Sherman found called Roads End Point.  I’ve seen a few sunsets in my day, and this one is right up there.  This place has a KILLER comp (hopefully no pun intended) for someone willing to put their life on the table.  For now I’ll just settle for this magnificent display of lighting!  It’s funny, I found this composition the first time Dan took me here, but my lens broke and was unable to capture it.  All I have to say about that is apology accepted.

Roads End Point

Here is another shot of that magnificent lighting…

Roads End Point

And another as the light started to fade.

Roads End Point

Next up!  Spring time!  Oh, do I have some plans for spring!!!

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