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Hello, and welcome to my blog!  My name is Jeff Barnhart, and I am an Award-Winning Pacific Northwest Landscape Photographer, High School Senior Photographer, and Wedding Photographer.  Follow me as I journey across Oregon, Washington and Idaho to create art often inspired by my readers!  This is where you can read all about the adventures of Jeff Barnhart Photography, and this is where you can Experience Art!

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Portland High School Senior Photography

Monday, December 29, 2014 7:43 AM

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Jeff Barnhart Photography offers Portland high school seniors a unique and creative senior photography experience

For those becoming high school seniors, and the parents of them, here are a few tips for finding a Portland senior photographer.

1 | Personality

When selecting a high school senior photographer, their personality goes a long way.  A photographer with a strong personality will be able to pull out honest expressions from the senior model, and more than just a true smile.  Everybody is full of different expressions that show their unique personality, and capturing those will bring your photos to life.

2 | Self-Expression

This is such a key component to high school senior photography.  What will your senior photos say about you?  Are you a fierce competitor in sports?  Do you have mad skills with an instrument or on the dance floor?  Whatever it is that you’re passionate about should be front and center in your senior photos, and it should be easy to identify the person you are.

3 | Experience

The experience of your high school senior photography session can really make or break the quality of the photos, and that starts before you even have your photo taken.  Your photographer should guide you through the process, helping you with prep work like outfit choice, hair and make-up if desired and locations, so that you can have fun and let loose during your session.

4 | Price

While price is always a consideration when selecting your high school senior photographer, if that carries too much weight you are truly missing something special.  Your senior year is a once in a lifetime rite of passage, and capturing the essence of YOU should be your driving force for finding a senior photographer.  Consider all the factors, especially if you are looking to put heirloom quality art on your wall.

5 | Creativity

Creativity is open to interpretation, so let me ask you this… How much different will your senior photos look than your friends?  Unless you are having your senior photos taken with your bestie, photos taken at the same location or with the same backdrops as your friends often lose their luster because the photos don’t say much about you.  Also, watch out for limitation such as outfit changes as that can inhibit creativity.  It takes 2 minutes to change clothes, and this can vastly change the style and mood of each photo.

Jeff Barnhart Photography is a Portland Senior Photographer out of Wilsonville, OR, offering high school senior photography, and servicing the Portland-metro area.  For more information, please use the navigation above to check out my website, or call 503.320.5235.

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